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8 Steps to Straight Hair Without A Straightener September 27 2013, 0 Comments

There is no greater temptation than wanting to straighten your hair with nice hot flatiron. Its quick, easy, long-lasting, and gets the job done well. Unfortunately, flatirons are the primary cause of breakage to hair. So, rather than picking up another 'hair-burner’, try for a nice blowout instead.  Blowouts take a bit more time but they are just as effective and way more courteous to your hair.

  1. Wash and condition hair in lukewarm to cool water with the smoothing shampoo of your choice.
  2.  Once you have rinsed your hair completely free from products, give it another rinse of cold water to smooth the hair cuticle and lock in the moisture. Make it as cold as you can stand!
  3. Towel blot your hair to ensure a little dampness to your hair. Add your favorite leave-in conditioner like Keratase’ Serum Oleo Relax, paying special attention to the ends of the hair. Then carefully comb through your entire head of hair with a wide-tooth comb.
  4. Part your hair and secure the top layers with clips on both sides. To straighten curls and remove all traces of frizz, you must tackle them while they're still damp. Begin by lightly misting on a straightening spray too each parted section of your hair. Try John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight ($10, at drugstores)
  5. Starting with the loose hair in the back, pull one-inch sections forward with a large, round, mixed-bristle brush as you dry from roots to ends. Unclip the top layers and continue drying the hair from root to tip.
  6. Blow dry hair on a warm air setting using the nozzle attachment on your dryer.
  7. Once all of the sections are dry, switch your blow dryer to a cool setting and give your hair another all over with the blow dryer and the brush. The cool air helps to set the style.
  8. Take your favorite smoothing or shine serum and apply a small amount to your hair from about mid-shaft to the tips. John Frieda Frizz-ease HAIR SERUM ORIGINAL FORMULA is a good product. 

Voila! Straight hair without the straightener!

Protecting Your Hair with New Styles September 26 2013, 0 Comments

As women, we tend to get bored easily and nothing wears us out more than our everyday basic hairstyles. Whether its temporarly seeking a bold new color or taking a break from our natural texture, we’re on a constant journey to keep our hair looking as fresh as possible. However, the pursuit for a great new hairstyle could potentially  take a toll on the health of your natural hair. So what is a girl to do when she want to switch it up but stills desires to keep her hair as healthy as possible? Well, we are throwing out a few stress-free ways to keep your hair fierce and healthy as possible.

Box Braids


I’m sure many of us have been down this route before. (Don’t try to act like Janet didn’t have you running to the nearest hair salon for the “Poetic Justice” braids). Box broads are timeless. As long as you have the confidence and style to rock them, they are great option. Not only are box braids a pretty safe alternative for your ordinary style but they are highly versatile and have major longevity. Whether you opt to use your own hair or install extensions, braids are sure to stay fresh for up to 8 weeks, if you take the right steps towards maintaining them.

Don’t get me wrong, braid have a potential to take a toll on you’re edges. However, with the right care, the issue of breaking and tearing with braid installs could be avoided.

Watch the tension: Make sure the braids are not too tight. Extreme tension is sure to pull your hair right out of the follicles and possibly cause permanent hair loss.

Keep your scalp moisturized: In the case of adding extension, many people tend to forget that our natural hair still needs a little attention. Keep your edges and the exposed  areas of your scalp moisturized with argan oil. It does no damage to the weave and is extremely generous to your hair. Remember that dryness only adds to the issue of breakage.

Let the loose braids go: Ive run into the issue of trying to hold on for dear life to the braids that have run their course. Unfortunately, the smallest tug on my loose braids would pull hard on my hair. If any braids seems to be pulling just let them go or get the section redone.



If the thought of braids still scares you or just aren’t your style, then twists may be the choice for you. Twist may not be as long lasting as braids but they require very little tension, which is always a plus. The less pressure, the better. Similar to braids, twist can be manipulated into many different styles. They are also easy to maintain. No need to take down the whole style. If you are looking to keep your twist fresh, just redo the worn out sections.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Weave Sew-Ins


The thought of sew-in weaves being protective in any way is certainly debatable, but with any hairdo, a quality haircare routine can do your hair justice. If done correctly, sew ins could potentially lead to some serious hair growth.

The trick to gaining benefits from sew-ins is all in how you treat your hair before the install.

Take  good care of the hair underneath:  Sew-ins tend to cover a great portion of your hair, making it difficult to care for over the course of time you decide to keep them. Therefore it is imperative that you treat your hair properly prior to installing the weave.

Maintain your weave like you maintain your hair: What you do on the outside translates on the inside. Wash and condition your weave routinely, and try to stay away from the everyday product. Everyday product only cause oil and dirt to guid up making the hair underneath harder to wash. Plus you don’t want your weave to matte up with grease.

Don’t leave the weave in forever: Good weave is expensive, so its understandable that you want to get your money worth by wearing it a long a possible. However, keeping an install for more than 4-8 weeks is not the best idea. Your natural hair will start to build dirt and dry out. Rather than keeping the same install for a long period of time, try shortening the periods of your install and preserving the hair for a new install. The hair is sure to sat longer as well.