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Care Tips

Knowing that quality virgin hair cost a fortune we have put together vital information to help you manage your hair extensions. Always remember that virgin hair shaved out off a donor’s head becomes dead as it is no longer acquiring the nutrients and natural oil the scalp produces so it is vital to moisturize hair as frequent as possible.

Daily Care

To keep hair soft, bouncy and tangle free add moisture to hair by using a small amount of leave-in conditioner or serum all throughout the hair. This helps in preventing frizz and adds shine to your hair.
When applying heat to your hair, we recommend using a quality heat protectant so to prevent your hair extensions from being damaged by excessive heat. If your hair extension becomes damaged due to excessive heat, it will lose its natural curl/wave pattern. Excessive heat may result to damaged, dry or brittle ends and of course its irreversible. It has been reported that coarser hair textures are prone to heat damage and dryness. If you ever experience such we recommend you trim off the dead ends.

** Avoid applying excessive mouse, gels, oils and hair lotion, as this can weigh hair down, cause tangling and leave the hair limp.
** Be sure to comb out hair with a wide-toothed comb or vent brush.** Avoid brushing dry wavy or curly hair, it will frizz.


Our hair may be flat ironed, roller set, crimped, curled, pressed, cut and dyed. Apply a heat protecting serum or leave-in conditioner before using any type of heat on hair.
Curly Hair- Curly hair are quickly rejuvenated by water. For continuous needed moisture, in a spray bottle add a large amount of water and a moderate amount of leave in conditioner. Gently section out your hair and work on each section by spraying the mixture of water and leave in conditioner to hair. If you have ample time in your day you can also co-wash your curly hair every morning if you prefer. If you choose to wear your curls dry, it will still look amazing with a different flare. To achieve a tangle free extra curly look we advise you wet your hair prior so to rejuvenate the curls. Always brush your hair with a wig brush or wide toothed comb, starting from the bottom and working your way up to prevent tangling and excessive shedding. It is very important to maintain your curly hair by moisturizing daily.

**Washing or wetting wavy or curly hair and letting it air dry will automatically restore waves/curls; use leave-in conditioner or curl activator to restore curls without wetting the hair.


For long lasting beauty, luster and shine, MOISTURE is the most important thing. Do NOT use products that contain alcohol or sulfate base because it can dry the hair out. Alcohol Free, sulfate free, Paraben free and Chloride free are most recommended  as it maintains the life of your Ashley hair extension. Shampoos and conditioners created for dry hair are most recommended since the hair is not getting any nutrients from the scalp. Leave-in conditioners in liquid form and serums are great for the ends.
We always like to recommend using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners.Sulfate free,Paraben free,and Chloride free are also very helpful when it comes to the life of your Virgin Ashley Hair. For your virgin hair to last do apply moisture as frequent as possible, choose wisely when it comes to hair products, keep your hair clean at all times, this will help rid out old stagnant products that may cause tangling. Condition your hair at least weekly but the more you do this, the more soft, healthy and manageable your hair will become. Avoid using shampoo too often especially if your virgin hair extension is dry unless it’s needed. Shampoo has a tendency to dry hair especially with curlier and coarse textures of hair. If you experience dryness as a result of washing your virgin hair, don’t be alarmed, hair will gradually revert back if you continue to apply leave in conditioner or serum on a daily basis.

***Before going for a swim, spray a leave-in conditioner on hair, and afterwards, shampoo and condition extensions.

Washing Hair

Wash hair with a quality moisturizing shampoo/conditioner at least once a week. Use warm water NOT hot water. Stay away from sulfate and alcohol base shampoo and conditioner as it will cause your virgin hair to become dry and brittle. Before you wash the hair, gently comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the ends first, working your way to the top. While washing, do not pile hair on top of your head, instead wash in the shower in a downward motion to prevent tangling. Do not apply to the ends and middle, gently washing in a downward motion Gently lift the tracks up and massage your scalp and your own hair. Rinse hair thoroughly to prevent chemical buildups. Blot dry with a towel and let it air-dry.

Tangling and Matting

Like we stated before if your hair is tangling it could be that hair has product buildup or its DRY. Try deep conditioning your hair for about an hour and if your hair responds well to a deep conditioner and stops tangling do continue with this regimen on a needed basis. If your virgin hair does not respond well to a deep conditioner, you will need to try a product that agrees with it, switch up the regimen. Since we do not create the hair and these are from variety of donors hair, hair will vary and respond differently from bundle to bundle in our Prime Collection which is our pure unprocessed Virgin hair. It doesn’t mean your hair bundle is "bad". It means that you will need to find a regimen that agrees with your hair until they all cooperate appropriately. If your hair has product build up, wash your hair with a clarifying or sulfate free shampoo and recondition your hair as normal.
Virgin hair (especially curly hair) can be high maintenance. Curly hair is definitely for advanced-intermediate Virgin hair wearers and extremely different than caring for hair from your local Beauty Supply Store.

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