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Why should I purchase "Virgin Remy Hair"? Beauty Supply Remy hair is much cheaper...

There are many different types of hair sold at beauty suppy stores.The most popular hair is often labeled as "virgin" or "remy"; however this hair is neither virgin nor is it remy.The vast majority of virgin/remy human hair sold in beauty supply stores contain synthetic and /or animal filler,which results in very poor quality hair.In addition, most consumers are unaware that the hair is coated with silicone to give a temporary tangle free and silky look; however the silicone washes off quickly leaving the hair stiff,matted,tangled,and dry.Beauty supply remy/virgin hair requires consistent replacement (generally last less than 3 month);thus beauty supply hair is far more costly than Virgin Remy hair.

What is the difference between Machine Weft and hand tied Weft?

Machine wefts are made by sewing strands of hair together with a hair sewing machine. Hand tied wefts are made by tying strands of hair around a strong weaving thread; this process is done by hand. Both Thin machine Weft and hand tied wefts lay flat on the scalp. Ashley Hair Company offers Thin Machine Weft?

What is the best way to cut a weft?

Hand tied wefts should never be cut from the top (the track), this is a common mistake made by even experienced hair stylists. If it is cut, the you should seal it with solid glue like nail glue or fabric glue. There is no guarantee that it will not shed if it is cut. Also, one should never sew through top of the weft and it is recommended you sew around the weft. With machine wefts, you can cut where desired. We cannot stress how important this information is, the main reason for wefts shedding is because the weft is not cut properly.

What is the Difference between Single drawn and Double drawn Hair?

Remy Single Drawn Hair:
The Remy single drawn is a high quality hair texture which has been trimmed in the same direction from the upper to the lower ends. This creates a natural layered look for the client.
Remy Double Drawn Hair:
This hair is trimmed at both ends leaving the upper and lower parts in their respective natural condition.

What is the difference between Prime Collection and DeLuxe Collection?

Prime Collection- Hair in this category is unprocessed virgin hair meaning that it has not been altered in any way. Hair cuticles are intact helping to minimize tangling. Prime Collection Hair is also known as the Remy single drawn hair. With proper care hair can last up to or over a year with minimal shedding. Hair always bounces back to its natural state and even looks better after wash regardless of the length of time. Hair color will vary from off Black (also known as color 1B) to natural dark brown (color 2).
DeLuxe Collection- This collection of virgin hair has gone through a steam process to perfectly create an artificial texture to suit clients needs. We offer different hair textures in Sleek Straight, Luscious BodyWave, Rocking Curls and Wild Kinky Curls. With DeLuxe Collection of hair you are sure to receive the same straight, wave or curl pattern each time you order. Hair can be washed or colored and it is reusable with proper care. Bare in mind that hair in this category may not last over a year as hair have been processed which reduces the life of hair. With proper care and management hair can last over 6 months. For updates and new additions to DeLuxe Collection please check back with us momentarily.

How much hair do I need?

If you are getting tracks, one pack is usually enough to do four to five tracks up to 18" hair length. It is best to buy two packs to make sure you have enough. For 20" and longer it is advisable to buy at least three packs you can always use the leftover hair later

How is the hair length measure?

All hair is pulled straight and measured. For instance 12" curly hair will measure approximately 14" when straight.

How do I restore my waves or curls after flat-ironing Virgin Indian hair?

If you purchased naturally wavy or curly Virgin hair from us, simply wash/ co-wash the hair or spray with water, then let it air dry, and it will return to its natural wavy or curly state. If you don't want to wet it, use a curl activator or leave in conditioner formulated to restore curls. Glide your fingers through it to shape and style it. The hair has not been manipulated to have artificial curls. When you wash or wet it the curls will return naturally.

Washing Virgin Hair?

Because Virgin hair is not getting nutrients from the natural scalp oils, it's very important to take care of your high quality hair. Wash hair with a quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at least once a week. Use warm water NOT hot water. Before you wash the hair, gently comb through hair with a wide-tooth comb, starting at the ends first, working your way to the top. While washing, do not pile hair on top of your head; instead wash in the shower in a downward motion to prevent tangling. Do not apply to the ends and middle, gently washing in a downward motion. Gently lift the tracks up and massage your scalp and your own hair. Rinse hair thoroughly to prevent chemical buildups. Blot dry with a towel and let it air dry. Apply a quality leave-in conditioner or serum and style as usual.

What hair products would you recommend for my hair extension?

Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner such as the Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner is highly recommended. With the aid of Argan Oil and rich moisturizing conditioner in both shampoo and conditioner this will help minimize friz. Please keep in my mind that these hair extensions are no longer receiving the vital nutrients from scalp so be careful on the choice of hair products. Sulfate base shampoo is a no no for your quality hair extension as it will dry out the hair and leave it brittle which will eventually be difficult to manage. For more details please view our invigorative hair care line. Also visit our Care Tips page for more valuable information.

How often should I have my extensions re-installed?

Have your stylist remove and re-apply your extensions every 6 weeks. It’s not advisable to keep the hair in beyond 6 weeks, and it’s also not healthy for your natural hair. Before your first hair installment and in between installments take note of the following tips. Make sure you take care of your own hair by using a good clarifying shampoo, and enriched with herbs and vitamins. Also use a good moisturizing hair conditioner on your natural hair, and apply light anti-itch hair oil with Aloe Vera and Almond Oils. You should see very noticeable, consistent, and healthy hair growth while wearing your Virgin Indian Remy hair.

Will my hair come out when the extensions are removed?

Normal daily hair loss is 50-100 hairs per day. When you wear extensions, the hair you normally lose is trapped in the extensions and does not fall out naturally. So you will experience a little more shedding when you're combing out your natural hair; don't worry this is normal. In fact, you should experience noticeable hair growth.

How do I care for Virgin remy hair, I need more information?

For more information on how to care for your hair please visit our Care Tips page.

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